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Cell Phone Voice Changer - iStranger

Price: $349.95

New voice changing system designed to be compatible with most existing cell phones.

usageEasy to use - simply insert the voice changers headphone jack into your cellphone, hold the iStranger to your ear like a phone receiver(see picture) and speak normally
  • Includes two voice changing modes, LOW and HIGH allow for greater disguise of different voice pitches so the user can go unrecognized by other callers.
  • The single wire design makes the iStranger easy to connect so that setup is simplistic and straight forward (see compatibility notes at bottom of page)
  • Rechargable battery offers 6 hours of battery life totalling nearly a full 8 hour shift of voice changing power - The system only turns on while the phone is in use, preserving the users battery life for when they need it most.
  • Small and easy to carry - durable metal housing and rubber edge will withstand normal wear and tear better than most products


Use in Headphone jack only
3.5 mm jack
Rechargable battery
Battery life: 6 Hours
Voice Changing Modes: LOW and HIGH

Download the Manual(s)-vc1200-manual.pdf

Compatibility with your phone:

The iStranger was designed to function with smart phones, such as those from Apple, Samsung, HTC and other manufacturers. To be compatible, the phone must have a 3.5mm phone jack that supports a 4-contact male connector (reference picture below). If you are unsure about which type your phone accepts, please consult its user manual or spec sheet. Alternatively, if the phone came with a microphone or headset, please count the number of divided sections. If that connector has 3 sections, the voice changer will not be compatible with your phone. If that connector has 4 sections, the voice changer will work with your phone. You may reference the picture below containing a 3 and 4 section male phone jack to determine the necessary connection type compatible with the iStranger.

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