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Animal Repellent

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Attention campers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Statistics show a sharp increase in bear encounters as humans encroach on their natural territories. Don't be a statistic. You can arm yourself with bear deterrent spray and protect yourself against possible bear attacks with safe, humane Mace® Bear Spray

  • Powerful Magnum Fogger sprays an amazing 35' feet -  empties quickly in approximately 5.4 seconds
  • Instanly creates a large protective 'fog' rather than a directed stream of liquid (its hard to hit a moving target in a panic situation)
  • Surefire trigger grip for added control when firing
  • Full 260 gram unit - environmentally safe, EPA approved (the strongest EPA approved animal repellent rating (2.0% Capsaicinoids)
  • Canister measures 8 3/4" H x 2" W
  • Conveniently strap to your side with holster (available as an accessory option)

Note: human pep.per spray is not the same as bear repellant spray. Only EPA approved bear sprays may be sold as deterrents against bears and have specific minimum requirements that must be met.

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