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Can Safes Soft Drinks SMALL

Price: $9.95


These can safes looks and feel like a full, warm can of pop. Unless somebody tries to shake it or open it, they will never be able to tell it is a hidden safe.  A thief or burglar are typically in a rush and will unknowingly push or throw this can safe aside while looking for valuables. The inside of this can safe is narrow... so its not enough to hide a passport, wallet, credit card or valuable documents unless you roll them up or fold them (find larger hidden safes here). However, a pop can safe is perfect for hiding plenty of other things like money, jewelry ...anything you just don't want others to find!

Can safes are easy to use!

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can safe

The lid (the silver part with the "tab") screws off and inside you have a secret stash compartment that is as deep as the pop can is and about 2 1/4" few inches in diameter. Simply screw the lid back on and your  done. The top or your can safe connects seamlessly to the body with no gap. the whole thing is made out of the same material as a pop can and it even has all the miscellaneous markings and such.

Can safes can be hidden anywhere...

Simply keep this hidden can safe mixed in with some old liquor and wine bottles. Nobody looks twice or realize you have a secret money safe where valuables and cash are safely stowed away. For a double fake out,  keep an actual safe with some chintzy  "valuables" to fool others but keep the real goods in this fake can safe.

  • Real authentic can of popular brands of soda
  • Weighted to feel full
  • No accidental opening - Soda Can Top Must Be Screwed Off For Access
Can Safe Brand Selections Available:

These unique safes allow you to hide valuables inside common soda cans, one of the last places a thief would think to look. According to the law enforcement officials these hidden safes are better than a locked safe and a hundred times cheaper.

Hidden can safes are available in many popular brands... pick the ones that will blend in best with what's in your home.


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Can Safes

Can Safes

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