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Night Vision Alarm Clock Spy Camera DVR - Wide Angle Lens

Price: $399.95


Night Vision IR camera allows you to record even in total darkness!

Records in full color during the day, then switches to black and white when when lighting is low (or dark) clearly capturing movement up to 30 feet away. IR lights are cleverly hidden as part of the red LED lights in the clock!

  • Automatically adjusts to changes in lighting to provide the best possible video detail
  • Lets you see up to 20-30 feet in complete darkness - min illumination: 0.2 Lux daytime, 0 Lux at night (with IR on)
  • Motion activated recording - also allows scheduled recording as an option
  • Saves video to a removable SD card - 32GB SD card capacity allows for up to 3 days of recording space
  • Time & date stamp embedded into your video
  • No batteries to replace or recharge - plugs in to your wall outlet for 24/7 power

Note: the picture can appear to look Black and white in dark and low lighting conditions. This is the design of a smart camera creating the best possible picture with maximum detail.


    1280 x 720 Effective Pixels
    1/4" micron color image sensor
    140° Field of View
    NTSC Video System
    Operating Temp 22°F - 185°F
    1280 x 720 Record Resolution
    2 Recording modes – Motion and Continuous
    Up to 32GB micro memory card
    Time/Date Stamp
    Adjustable Frame Rate up to 30 FPS
    File Type - AVI
    Operating Temp 32°F - 122°F
    TV or PC Playback
    System Requirements
    No software requried our files are in .AVI
    Playback on PC or MAC
    VLC Media player (recommended)


    RCA Video Cable (some models)
    IR Remote
    CD and Quick set up guide


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