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Dual 720P Dash Camera 720P HD Color Video Cameras - Easily transfer files to PC or Mac via USB - Built-in microphone, 4x digital zoom View Details

Two Way Dash Camera With Screen 720P HD Color Video- integrated GPS logging, supports 64 GB SD card, G-force sensor, single click incident reports, saves to Removable SD card View Details

Car Dash Camera - Windshield Mount - Night Vision With Screen 1280 x 720 video dash camera - night vision IR LED lights, 2.5 inch flip down LCD screen, records video to removable SD card up to 32 GB View Details

Touchscreen Dual Dash Camera HD Video With GPS Logging 720P HD Color Video Cameras - integrated GPS logging, playback on LCD screen, G-force sensor, motion activated, saves to removable SD card View Details

Cycle Camera - Records to Phone Via WiFi Front or rear mounted camera connects by WiFi to your Smartphone to allow you to see and record vehicles when riding in traffic [free app] View Details

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Dash CameraWhy have a dash camera?

From VT Hi. I installed a cam in both of my cars after we got tired of paying insurance deductibles for idiot drivers who were hitting us. Two weeks after I installed the cam in my wife's car ... we EASILY won a claim against another who falsely claimed my wife moved into his lane. The other guy's agent saw my video and said "my client was at fault". Boom. Case solved. Check in the mail.

Will I Get Lower Insurance Rates?

... Not yet, but the day may be coming soon as insurance fraud in the U.S. is on the rise.

Here's a bit of insight we found at the Popular Mechanics website:

(PM) asked Loretta Worters of the Insurance Information Institute about the industry's stance on dash cams. "I'm not aware of any company yet that offers an insurance discount for drivers who have installed a camera," Worters says. "There is certainly value, however, particularly in fighting insurance fraud." According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the rate of "questionable claims" (a category that insurance companies give extra scrutiny to on the basis that fraud accounts for an estimated $32 billion a year in payouts) is on the rise, up 16 percent in 2012, to a record 116,268 cases. Having clear evidence recorded on camera is admissible in court (just as it is for police officers) and can protect you from fraudsters. Reduced fraud means lower payouts for or legal costs to insurance companies, which translates—indirectly—to potentially lower rates to customers in the future. In the real world, it means you win and the other guy loses in a dispute.

Last Updated: Friday, 23 February 2018 02:53

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