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Wireless AC Adapter Spy Camera
Wireless (WiFi) and motion activated view live video on your phone - also records HD video (1280 x 720P) to removable SD card

Digital Clock Spy Camera DVR With Motion Activation
Motion detection DVR hidden camera in an digital clock! Includes a built-in USB port. Blends in to most home or office environments.

Night Vision Wrist Watch Spy Camera HD Video - BLACK
HD color video 1920 x 1080 - IR night vision (0 Lux), 8GB flash memory - water resistant to 10ft. 2 hr battery

Weather Station Spy Camera - Motion and WiFi
Motion activated video - 1920 x 1080p - automatic night vision recording, NOW with WiFi access to your phone!

Mini Spy Camera with DVR
Up to 50 ft long camera cord - battery or plug in power, records to removable SD card, great night vision without IR

AC Adapter Hidden Camera
Motion activated spy camera you plug into a wall outlet - records high definition video (1280 x 720P) to removable SD card

Wireless Smoke Detector DVR Spy Camera - Battery Powered + Night
Motion activated, easy to set up with phone, FREE apps, also records video to SD card (up to 64 GB), weatherproof, night vision, wide angle lens

Air Freshener Spy Camera - Stone
Motion activated recording - stores video to micro SD card (up to 64 GB)- 10, 30 or 90 hr. battery options

Wireless Spy Camera Rotating Fan AC Power Night Vision
Night Vision (25ft Max)- live streaming to your phone or PC, records video on SD card (64 GB max), PIR motion detection responds to body heat

Rotating Fan DVR Spy Camera With Night Vision + Wide Angle Lens
Motion activated recording to sd card (32 GB max), 940nm IR lights are totally invisible and see up to 30 ft. 140 degree lens, 1280x720 res

Planter DVR Spy Camera 90 Day Battery - Wide Angle Lens
90 day battery life in standby mode - motion activated, 0.2 LUX dim light recording, saves video to SD card - Res: 1280x720

Portable Car Key Hidden Camera With Built-In DVR
Light as a feather & very small, looks like a car remote. Records video, and snapshots.

Pen Spy Camera - With Removable Memory
Records video to removable SD card. Supports up to 16 GB micro SD card - 1 hour battery life

Voice Activated Micro DVR: Hidden Camera With Audio
Voice activated hidden DVR camera no bigger than your thumb! Carry it with you on a key chain... or clip it almost anywhere!

Spy Camera Hat
Simple one button remote control activation - adjustable velcro straps for fit and comfort

Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera
5 day battery life, motion activated records to removable SD card, sticks on to any wall

Teddy Bear DVR Nanny Camera 90 Day Battery - Wide Angle Lens
90 day battery life in standby mode - motion activated, 0.2 LUX dim light recording, saves video to SD card, 140 degree wide angle lens

Smoke Detector Spy Camera 30 hr Battery
Motion activated 1280 x 960 color video - 30 hour battery life

Air Purifier DVR Spy Camera With 140 Degree Lens
Motion activated recording to removable SD card (32 GB max), 1280 x 720 res, 140 degree wide angle lens,play back on TV or PC

AC Adapter Spy Camera
Hidden camera you plug into a wall outlet - no batteries or recharging to worry about

Tool Box Spy Camera - 10 Hour Battery
Motion activated recording - stores video on SD card, full color 550 TVL video, 10 hour rechargeable battery

Hidden Cameras feed

Hidden cameras let you secretly monitor or record activity at your home or business. For monitoring and surveillance check out our wireless hidden cameras, for recording and remote locations try a mini DVR hidden camera.

Selecting a hidden camera

What is your main purpose for this hidden camera?

  • To catch a theif or intruder in an office or store
  • To monitor teens after school with hidden cameras for home use
  • To make sure your children are taken care of by the babysitter with a hidden nanny cam
  • To catch a cheating spouse with a hidden camera?
  • To set up hidden security camera systems to monitor your home or office

Where will you place your covert cameras?

  • Can you discretely run a video wire from the hidden house cameras to a recorder?
  • Spy cameras all need power to operate.. Can you get power to the camera or must you rely on batteries?.
  • What type of room will the secret camera be placed in? What sort of item can be introduced to a room and not arouse suspicion?
  • What are the best nanny cameras for home use?
  • Are there any places where a hidden nanny cam will get you into trouble? Yes there are...
  • Are the security cameras for outdoor or indoor recording?
  • What is your lighting situation? Will your hidden surveillance camera record properly if the room is dim?
  • Will you need only a single hidden camera or multiple ( aka hidden security camera systems)?

Do you need to record video and view it later?

  • Will you need motion activated spy cameras or regular continuously recording cameras?
  • Do you need hidden camera motion activated recording or scheduled? or both?
  • If you are using motion activated cameras then how much activity is there in the room? More recording means more memory is needed.
  • How long a segment of time will you need to capture?

Do you need a wireless camera?

  • Find out if your home or office has cordless handset phones or a wireless network? These may interfere with your?

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