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Flash Drive DVR with Audio + Video

Price: $99.95

Looks and acts like an ordinary flash drive - but with a built-in DVR capable of recording both audio and quality color video!

  • HD video recorder with High Quality audio recording - 1820 x 720 at 30 frames per second for clear, easily discernible stills and video
  • Simple USB connection - lets you plug into any computer to transfer files - USB recharges the battery at the same time
  • Small enough to carry anywhere - easy push button operation
  • Motion detection so you only record when there is action - camera "sees" when there is movement and starts recording (standby battery life 2.5 hours)
  • Audio detection - lets you activate the recorder even in total darkness based on sound (standby battery life up to 9 hours)

Technical Specifications

8GB of Internal storage
Power supply: Internal Li-Ion battery
Battery life: 2.5 hours
Resolution: 1280 x 720 @ 30fps, about 1GB every 10 minutes.
Still image resolution: 1600 x 1200


1 x Camstick-HD
1 x Instruction booklet
1 x USB cord
AC Adapter
Av cables (please note that, while included, these cables are not used for any function)

Download Manual: Manual.pdf

Number pieces in packaging:1

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