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Wide Angle Spy Camera with DVR
170 degree view - battery or plug in power, records to removable SD card, great night vision without IR

Long Range Wireless Mini Camera
High quality 380 TVL video with long range wireless transmission up to 656 feet

Encrypted Wireless Mini Spy Camera
Digital transmission ensures no signal loss, 200' range, 1/4 Color CMOS lens, 3 LUX, includes audio

Hi-Res Mini Camera
High Resolution Color CMOS Camera with Audio - Create your own hidden camera

Audio / Video Spy Camera Transmitter
Transmits audio & video - 1.2 Ghz up to 150 ft range. Works with any TV, VCR or DVR.

5.8Ghz Wireless Mini Spy Camera
5.8GHz transmission eliminates interference from phones and WiFi. Range 300ft.

Mini Spy Camera with DVR
Up to 50 ft long camera cord - battery or plug in power, records to removable SD card, great night vision without IR

Mini Cameras feed

Mini security cameras provide low profile surveillance. Plus, they fit into tight spots! Mount them as is or conceal them to create hidden surveillance cameras!

Mini cameras are board cameras. They have a small lens mounted onto a tiny circuit board. Mini security cameras are sometimes as small as 1x1 inch – which makes them ideally suited for surveillance camera scenarios where discretion is needed. Mini surveillance cameras are frequently the camera of choice for spy surveillance camera monitoring.

Pinhole lenses in very small cameras

Some board type mini surveillance cameras use pinhole lenses which sacrifice image quality for smaller size. The average hole size on a pinhole lens is a sixteenth of an inch in diameter (the smallest aperture size available) This pinhole is the only part of the camera that needs to be showing in order for video to be captured. Obviously the small profile makes pinhole board cameras easier to conceal.

Pinhole lenses come in two varieties – flat and conical

  1. Conical lenses require a smaller hole and are often used in surveillance camera systems using ceiling tiles.
  2. Flat lenses need a bigger hole but are better when the security camera system is to be situated in thin material, such as clothing.

The small size of a pinhole lens does have a slightly lower resolution than the standard board camera with CCD lens, which is usually 1/2 inch in diameter. The larger size will allow more light to get in and thereby provide a better image.

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