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Pen Style Bug Detector RF GSM

Price: $244.95

Convenient and portable pen style bug detector

Finds all types of radio transmitting equipment (FM) as well as GSM/CDMA transmissions.

  • Wide frequency sensitivity - 30MHz to 6GHz
  • Detects GSM/CDMA as well as FM transmission
  • Easy to use 8-segment bar graph indicator - high precision measuring of the radio field level and location of a bugging device
  • 'Adjust sensitivity' button "High Power" LED indicator will light up red when signal strength is maxed out
  • Carry in your pocket even while in operation (silent vibration indicates wireless activity) - check surroundings when on a business trip, in a restaurant, hotel or somebody's office.
  • Simple and intuitive with an antenna in the cap - just point the cap towards the items you want to probe.
  • High Power indicator for pocket use
  • Pulse indicator for recognizing digital transmitters including GSM and DECT
  • Powered by LR03 battery (size AAA)

Potential Applications

Searching for active radio transmitting surveillance devices (or RF bugging devices) in premises, vehicles and items

Room, body-carried, telephone and car bugging devices can also be found by the device.

Discovering the improper use of mobile phones and other communication equipment for picking up conversations. The information in this case can be transmitted to another phone or recorded onto an answering machine. Detection of GSM bugs, 'spy' mobile phones and mobile phones in an active state (for illegal transmission of conversations)

Detecting of harmful emissions from the GSM-jammers or mini recorder suppressors

Detecting of harmful emissions from microwave ovens, communication antennas and other electronic appliances


AAA battery
Adjustable sensitivity button
Pulse indicator
30MHz to 6GHz
Detects GSM/CDMA and FM transmissions
Box Size 7 x 3.50 x 1.50
Continuous operation Approx 8 hour
Item Size 5.5 x .50
Weight .50


1 battery size AAA

Download the Manual(s) dd1205manual.pdf


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